Time is hectic, time is pressing, everything is neat, controlled and
nothing holds back our appetite for the "best". It is the "good" that
counts, the progression towards the "perfect" the norm. But in this
race, the "less good", the imperfection that makes things charming
and attractive, may also have its place.

To photograph with a large format camera is to take the wonderful
risk of sublimating errors. A dust of mystery, a mystical halo...
It is in her darkroom that Ingrid Dorner pursues her creation,
playing with filters and movements, chemical accidents, continuing to
reveal herself through her enigmatic photographs, sometimes
provocative but always imbued with gentleness.

It is here that fragile skins merge, lights console, contrasts dramatize.
Much more than a direct and immediate representation, the series
IMPAIR plunges us into a world close to the dream but brings us
closer to a very real world, that of our memory. Perhaps that of
childhood, vulnerable and fragile, captured by a old large format
camera, "collected" in a flea market, itself marked and wounded by
the years, rehabilitated to create and make the present a new past...or
would it not be to make the past a new present?
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