Liminal10 - Single Print - 22,5x36,5

Liminal06 - Single Print - 27,1x24,5

Liminal is a series of 18 photographic metamorphoses.
Liminal is the story of a world, a world that destroys itself by awakening each of our senses. The bodies decompose, powerless in the face of a heavy and violent world. Thanks to a chemical photographic process that allows the gelatin to peel off, move and recompose itself on the paper, I interpret in images the dramatic and poetic metamorphoses of a sensitive world.
With this series, I want to demonstrate that nothing is fixed. The photograph, which is supposed to capture and freeze a moment of life, becomes a sculpture, like a moving and infinitely transformable material. Each image tells this reality, this truth. By using a chemical process based on the technique of "mordançage", I challenge the classic codes of silver photography. The composition and the contrasts of the initial image direct my emotions and my gestures and instinctively determine my choices. During this contact, memories resurface and feed the narrativity of a series that weaves itself.
As a poet would do when combining words, sounds and rhythms to evoke images, I combine light, movement and contrast to suggest a more tangible, new and sensitive look at reality.
Pure faces decompose, bodies are eaten away and sucked up by nature, young silhouettes disappear, translucent and fragile. Through touches of light, I hope that the image reveals a glimmer of hope and optimism. I like to awaken ambivalent sensations and emotions in the same image.
This magical balance is the artistic quest that guides me.
I would like Liminal to deliver this universal message that we are never sure of anything... that the truth belongs to no one. In any case, there is the will to provoke a philosophical reflection. Or, why not, to create a philosophical sensation, a small existential vertigo.

Liminal11 - Single Print - 36,5x23,3

Liminal14 - Single Print . 24x27,5

Liminal02 - Single Print - 31,5x22

Liminal14 - Single print - 27,2x28

Liminal17 - Single Print - 26x26

Liminal 05 - Single Print - 32,8x21,4

Liminal00 - Single Print - 23x31

Liminal13 - Single print - 24,5x37,5

Liminal08 - Single Print - 34x24

Liminal07 - Single Print - 26x24

Liminal03 - Single Print - 21,4x31

Liminal04 - Single Print -26,5x28

Liminal01 - Single Print -26,5x27,8

Liminal09 - Single Print -36,2x22,6

Liminal15 - Single Print -26,2x26

Liminal16 - Single Print - 25,5x25,2

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