Liminal 01 - Single Print - 23x31

Liminal 06 - Single Print - 24x23

The eye sees, the brain analyses and controls, the body executes...the human being is a machine...establishing an uninterrupted communication between the external world and the self. Then there is what we no longer perceive...what we no longer see but that we feel...this imperceptible thing of a moment, of a place, of a person...Thanks to a chemical "mordançage" process (Using a chemical process, Ingrid immerses the photograph previously developed in her darkroom in a mordant bath which allows her to remove the gelatin and make it live, move and freeze again to create a new, unique image) it is the imperceptible that she wanted to transcend. By detaching the gelatin from the photograph, the image becomes alive, is destroyed and fixed...decomposed, recomposed...infinite process... By shaking up the very definition of photography - fixed and unchanging image - Ingrid Dorner provokes and undertakes to make visible this liminal change. An unpredictable and fragile image in motion that is gently fixed. The LIMINAL series is the latest series of the artist. It is in progress and will continue to grow...

Liminal11 - Single Print - 24x24

Liminal12 - Single Print . 33x23

Liminal 10 - Single Print - 24x24

Liminal 02 - Single Print - 33x23

Liminal14 - Single print - 34x23 

Liminal 06 - Single Print - 24x24

Liminal 05 - Single Print - 23x21

Liminal13 - Single print - 23x31

Liminal 08 - Single Print - 24x33

Liminal 07 - Single Print - 24x33

Liminal 03 - Single Print - 24x24

Liminal 04 - Single Print -24x33

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